SEC Investigation Settled by Gaia Inc. and CFO

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SEC Investigation Settled by Gaia Inc. and CFO

Settlement Agreement

Gaia Inc. and its chief financial officer have reached an agreement to pay a total of $2.05 million to resolve an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The investigation focused on alleged earnings misstatements and violations of whistleblower protection regulations.

Company Background

Gaia Inc. is a media network that offers streaming videos on yoga, alternative healing, and other topics.

The company has a membership-based model, where users pay monthly or annual subscriptions to access its content.

SEC Investigation Details

The SEC’s investigation revealed that Gaia Inc. had allegedly engaged in practices that misstated its earnings.

Additionally, the company was found to have violated whistleblower protection rules, which are meant to safeguard employees who report potential wrongdoings.

Settlement Terms

  • Gaia Inc. will pay a $1.5 million penalty to the SEC.
  • The company’s chief financial officer will pay a $550,000 penalty.
  • Gaia Inc. will implement internal reforms to strengthen its financial reporting and whistleblower protection policies.

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