Shack Yoga + Fitness Expands to Waterside Place

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Waterside Place Welcomes Shack Yoga + Fitness’s Second Location

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Enterprise

Shack Yoga + Fitness traces its origins back to a modest carport in Sarasota’s Rosemary District.

The original location was an illegal building. I’m glad we got away with it for as long as we did.

– Nikka Colorado, Co-Owner

The Dynamic Duo Behind the Success

The partnership between Courtenay Smith and Nikka Colorado has been instrumental to Shack Yoga + Fitness’s success. Their complementary personalities and shared experiences have fostered a strong bond.

Smith, the “grounded” one, brings stability, while Colorado, the “fire,” drives expansion. Despite their differences, they have led parallel lives, sharing similar ages, motherhood, and the journey to Sarasota.

A New Era in Waterside Place

The opening of Shack Yoga + Fitness’s second location at Waterside Place marks a significant milestone for the business. While the downtown studio retains its historic charm, the new location embodies modern sophistication.

With a spacious balcony overlooking Kingfisher Lake, the Waterside studio offers a serene atmosphere. It accommodates up to 45 students and features a wider selection of strength and fitness classes.

Making Yoga Accessible

Shack Yoga + Fitness believes in the transformative power of yoga, regardless of skill level. Instructors provide modifications to cater to all clients, ranging in age from 20 to 80.

Yoga shouldn’t be intimidating. Our classes are challenging, but anyone can do them with the modifications we offer.

– Courtenay Smith, Co-Owner

Prioritizing Relationships

Smith and Colorado emphasize the importance of their friendship over business success.

I think that, in turn, makes the business successful.

– Nikka Colorado, Co-Owner

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