Shayla Stonechild: Empowering Indigenous Voices Through Yoga

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Author: Anya Vladimirovna


Shayla Stonechild, a 27-year-old from Muscowpetung First Nation in Saskatchewan, has dedicated five years of her life to the practice of yoga. Now residing and teaching in Vancouver, her transformative journey has culminated in an inspiring recognition.

**The Matriarch Movement and Yoga Journal Feature**

Beyond her practice, Stonechild has initiated the Matriarch Movement, a platform on Instagram that amplifies Indigenous voices through meditation, yoga, and a reconnection to traditional worldviews. Her dedication to empowering her community has earned her a significant milestone: the cover of the March issue of Yoga Journal.

**Using Yoga as a Platform for Education**

Stonechild recognizes the significance of her platform in educating readers about the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. She shares, “It’s an opportunity to have my voice and story heard to communities who have not heard what happened here.” This includes raising awareness about the Indian Act and residential schools, fostering understanding beyond national boundaries.

**Indigenous Roots and Yoga**

Yoga holds a profound place in Stonechild’s life. Having received over 500 hours of training, she seamlessly integrates her Cree culture into her practice. She explains, “Our ceremonies and traditions already equip us with tools that connect us to something greater than ourselves.”

**Expanding Her Reach: Red Earth Uncovered**

Alongside her yoga endeavors, Stonechild also hosts Red Earth Uncovered, a television program that airs on APTN. This platform provides a space for Indigenous voices and perspectives, further amplifying the conversations she initiates through her other platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yoga Journal features Shayla Stonechild on its March cover, recognizing her advocacy for Indigenous voices.
  • Stonechild uses yoga as a platform to promote awareness about Indigenous history and experiences in Canada.
  • She incorporates Cree cultural practices into her yoga teaching, acknowledging the interconnectedness of tradition and well-being.
  • Stonechild’s platform extends to Red Earth Uncovered, a television program that empowers Indigenous communities.

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