Solar Power Plant Installed at Bandha Colony

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In a pioneering move, a village cooperative society in Sriganganagar district, Rajasthan, has installed a 20 kV on-grid rooftop solar energy system. This project marks the first-ever solar power plant dedicated to meeting the society’s internal electricity needs and generating surplus electricity for distribution to the power grid.

Project Description

The solar power plant, spanning an area of 2,000 sq. ft., is strategically located at the cooperative society’s office in Bandha Colony village, approximately 11 km from Anupgarh town. The project is poised to commence power production shortly, following the completion of necessary formalities.

Motivation and Context

Driven by escalating electricity bills associated with operating various facilities, including a supermarket, gymnasium, reverse osmosis (RO)-based water purifier plant, and a women’s training center, the society’s members proactively decided to install the solar power plant.

Project Implementation

The solar power project entailed an investment of ₹12.65 lakh, with the cooperative society receiving a 30% subsidy amounting to ₹3.79 lakh from the Renewable Energy Department. “Dedicated youth from the village actively assisted us in acquiring photovoltaic cells and other equipment from Jaipur,” noted cooperative society’s manager, Jasvinder Singh Brar.

Project Benefits

The plant is projected to generate approximately 33,000 units of electricity annually. Of this total, 23,000 units will be allocated to power the cooperative society’s own operations, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply. The remaining 10,000 surplus units will be sold to the power grid, generating additional revenue for the cooperative society.


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