SplitMango: The Creative Force Behind Namaste Yoga’s Website

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SplitMango: The Creative Force Behind Namaste Yoga’s Website

About SplitMango

SplitMango, founded by John Doe in 2006, is a Canadian-based agency specializing in web design, development, and ecommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a diverse team of skilled professionals, SplitMango has established itself as a leading partner of Shopify, providing innovative and effective online solutions.

Our partnership with Shopify allows us to offer comprehensive services that cater to the growing demands of ecommerce businesses. Our location in the picturesque North Vancouver, BC, provides an inspiring backdrop for our team, fostering creativity and innovation.

What Sets SplitMango Apart

SplitMango’s diverse team brings together a unique blend of perspectives and experiences. Our designers, developers, programmers, and online marketers share a common goal of delivering exceptional results for our clients. This diversity enables us to effectively interpret and fulfill the varying expectations and communication styles of our clients.

Additionally, our team’s multifaceted technical expertise allows us to approach projects from multiple angles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and well-rounded solutions. As a fully integrated agency, we handle all aspects of our projects in-house, eliminating the need for outsourcing and maintaining high quality standards.

The Inspiration Behind Namaste Yoga’s Website

When Namaste Yoga approached SplitMango for a new website, they sought a design that captured the essence of their brand: simplicity, elegance, and minimalism. They were inspired by websites such as Kinfolk, Old Faithful Shop, AG Jeans, and Storq, which showcased stunning imagery and user-friendly navigation.

Namaste Yoga also emphasized the importance of large, captivating videos to encourage website visitors to immerse themselves in the practice of yoga. The website’s homepage features a prominent video that serves as a visual invitation to explore the world of yoga.

Evolution of the Design

As the project progressed, SplitMango’s designers collaborated closely with Namaste Yoga to refine the website’s design. Features that were initially included were carefully evaluated and streamlined to enhance user experience and maintain a clean and intuitive interface.

The website’s shop layout was also meticulously designed to align with Shopify’s capabilities while providing a familiar and user-friendly experience. The team worked diligently to create a seamless integration between the website’s main pages and the online store, ensuring a consistent brand identity.

Unique Features of Namaste Yoga’s Website

SplitMango implemented several innovative features into Namaste Yoga’s website to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

  • Integration of product variants to create video trailers
  • Extraction of product images using queries and their placement in strategic sections of the product page
  • Custom stylesheet to maintain consistency between the main website and the online store
  • Digital download creation using FetchApp for each Namaste Yoga season, providing convenient access to content

Tools and Integrations

SplitMango utilized a range of tools and integrations to enhance the development and functionality of Namaste Yoga’s website.

  • Photoshop for design mockups
  • InVision for website prototyping and collaboration
  • Sublime Text and Chrome DevTools for development

What Makes Namaste Yoga’s Website Exceptional

Namaste Yoga’s website stands out as a testament to the power of a well-crafted online presence. Its captivating product pages, showcasing stunning imagery, video trailers, and comprehensive product introductions, guide customers through the shopping experience effortlessly.

The integration of video trailers on the product pages is a particularly notable feature, as it provides customers with a valuable preview of the content before making a purchase. The use of Shopify’s backend to manage these trailers also ensures ease of management for Namaste Yoga’s team.

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Despite the challenges encountered, such as the need to stretch Shopify’s capabilities to create a unique product page experience, SplitMango’s team remained committed to delivering an exceptional website.

The Namaste Yoga project reinforced the importance of carefully balancing customer familiarity with design innovation. By incorporating subtle changes while maintaining the essence of the existing user experience, SplitMango ensured a smooth transition for customers while fulfilling the client’s design goals.

Additionally, the project highlighted the potential for integrating videos and Shopify’s capabilities with WordPress, opening up new possibilities for future projects.


SplitMango’s collaboration with Namaste Yoga resulted in a stunning and highly effective website that has elevated their online presence and driven sales. By embracing innovation while respecting the brand’s core values, SplitMango has created a digital platform that truly captures the spirit of yoga and empowers customers to deepen their practice.

Namaste Yoga’s website serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the transformative impact of a well-designed online experience.

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