Stress-Reducing Activities for UTSA Students during Finals Week

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## **Stress-Reducing Activities for UTSA Students during Finals Week**

### **Introduction**

From April 28 to May 2, the UTSA Main and Downtown Campuses will collaborate to provide students with an array of complimentary stress-reducing activities tailored to alleviate the strain of upcoming semester finals.

### **Therapy Dogs for Stress Relief**

A highlight of these events will be the presence of therapy dogs from Delta Pet Partners of San Antonio. Research has demonstrated the ability of animals to evoke calming effects, reduce blood pressure, and mitigate stress. Students will have the opportunity to interact with these canines, experiencing their soothing presence.

### **Additional De-Stressing Activities**

Other stress-relieving activities include:

– De-stressing tips
– Brain massages
– Button and pencil making
– Chair massages
– Aroma therapy
– Healthy snacks and refreshments
– Chair yoga
– Stress balls
– UTSA Listens
– Biofeedback
– Mandala coloring

### **Resources and Support**

Students will receive complementary merchandise, refreshments, and Par SCORE test forms at the events. Additionally, the Roost game center in the University Center (Room 2.220) will be open throughout Stress Down Days from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

### **Event Logistics**

**Main Campus Schedule:**

[Download Main Campus Schedule here]

**Downtown Campus Schedule:**

[Download Downtown Campus Schedule here]

### **Conclusion**

These events aim to provide students with well-rounded support and stress-reduction techniques to enhance their well-being and academic performance during this demanding period. By providing access to therapy dogs, de-stressing activities, and support services, UTSA demonstrates its commitment to student success and well-being.

### **Contact Information**

For further inquiries, please contact Emma Hashman at 210-458-6863.

## **Supporting Organizations**

Stress Down Days is proudly presented by:

– Tomás Rivera Center for Student Success
– Campus Recreation
– UTSA Listens
– Counseling Services
– Student Health Services
– UTSA Libraries
– Academic Advising Council
– University Center
– Student Government Association
– Jason’s Deli

Therapy Dogs for Stress Relief

Additional De-Stressing Activities

Contact Information

Supporting Organizations


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