SWEAT Workout App Expands: Barre and More Yoga Options

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Barre with Britany

Barre with Britany is a new program hosted by Portland, Oregon-based instructor Britany Williams. The program combines ballet and Pilates elements with high-intensity athletic movements to build strength and flexibility.

“Barre allows women to step outside their comfort zones and explore the connection between mind and body,” says Britany. “The sense of accomplishment achieved through mastering new exercises is incredibly rewarding.”

Yoga with Phyllicia

Yoga with Phyllicia is led by New Jersey-based Vinyasa instructor Phyllicia Bonnano. This program is designed for yoga beginners and those seeking a more relaxed practice.

“Yoga is a personal outlet for self-expression and creativity,” says Phyllicia. “Regular practice provides invigorating release, strengthening, flexibility, and grounding.”

Yoga with Ania

Dusseldorf-based Vinyasa instructor Ania Tippkemper leads the Yoga with Ania program. This program is geared towards yogis seeking a challenge but is also accessible to beginners.

“Yoga is a solitary pursuit, free from competition and comparisons,” says Ania. “Through consistent practice and focus, physical limitations can be transcended, fostering strength, flexibility, and self-love.”

SWEAT App Updates

SWEAT now offers a wider range of fitness styles to accommodate diverse preferences and goals. The new offerings supplement existing programs, such as Kayla Itsines’ BBG, Kelsey Wells’ PWR plans, and Sjana Elise’s Body and Mind Yoga.

The SWEAT app is available for £14.99 per month, which equates to approximately £0.50 per day.

SWEAT users now have access to three additional programs: Barre with Britany, Yoga with Phyllicia, and Yoga with Ania. These programs feature long-form video classes and on-demand options, a first for the app.

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