Tea Shop and Yoga Studio to Relocate to Redeveloped Plaza

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A downtown Auburn-based tea shop and yoga studio has announced its relocation to Seminary Commons, a redeveloped plaza in the city. The businesses, 3 Leaf Tea and Zen Den Studio, will vacate their current location at 16 Genesee St. for the new address on Seminary Street.

Benefits of the Move

The relocation offers several advantages for both businesses. Firstly, it provides a spacious parking lot, replacing the street parking at the Genesee St. location. Secondly, the new space affords more ample room for operations.

Background of the Businesses

3 Leaf Tea

Owned by Luciana Torous, 3 Leaf Tea initially opened in 2015 in the city’s East Hill district before relocating to Genesee St. with Zen Den Studio four years later. The shop specializes in matcha, a Japanese tea renowned for its antioxidant properties. Torous incorporates natural flavors such as banana, blueberry, and cardamom into the tea’s infusion.

Zen Den Studio

Established in 2018 by Erin Campagnola, Zen Den offers daily yoga classes. The studio adheres to principles of health, healing, and sustainability, as outlined on its website. It also strives to foster a community that promotes self-care, inclusivity, and social consciousness.

Impact of the Merger

The merger of 3 Leaf Tea and Zen Den Studio has proven mutually beneficial, facilitating growth for both enterprises. The need for a larger space is a testament to this growth.

Seminary Commons Redevelopment

Seminary Commons, owned by Washington St. Partners, has undergone extensive redevelopment in recent years. The Citizen relocated to the plaza in 2021, followed by Achilles Heel Training last year. The Auburn Fire Department also moved to the plaza from its former Market Street headquarters in 2021.

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Additional Information

  • The relocation is expected to take place next year.
  • 3 Leaf Tea and Zen Den Studio will continue operations at their current location until the move.
  • The Auburn Fire Department acquired its space at Seminary Commons as part of a $10 million relocation.

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