Technical Malfunction Displays Image of Deceased Drug Addict on Media Screen

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Issue Resolved Within 10 Minutes

Anti-drug Advertisement Freezes, Prompts Speculation

A technical malfunction caused a media screen at the Omega shopping mall in Yekaterinburg to display an image of a deceased drug addict for 10 minutes.

Vladimir Smirnov, the owner of Omega and a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region, confirmed the incident, stating that the problem stemmed from a software glitch and was swiftly resolved by technical staff within 10 minutes.

Smirnov emphasized that the advertisement was intended as a cautionary tale about the deadly consequences of drug abuse.

Initial speculation on social media suggested that the media screen had been hacked, but this was later dismissed by Smirnov.

  • Photo: Razmik Zakaryan
  • Source: URA.RU

Technical Explanation

The technical malfunction was caused by a software glitch that resulted in the advertisement freezing at the most disturbing frame.

Social Impact

The incident sparked concern among residents and raised questions about the effectiveness of anti-drug campaigns.


The prompt resolution of the technical issue demonstrated the effectiveness of the mall’s response system and reinforced the importance of timely technical support.

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