Tennis Skirts: Summer’s Top Fashion Trend

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Prepare for a summer departure from athleisure with the resurgence of tennis skirts, a staple reimagined for the post-COVID era.

Kendall Jenner’s Alo Yoga Ensemble

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has graced us with a stylish interpretation of the tennis skirt trend, donning an all-green Alo Yoga ensemble in a recent photoshoot.
Her coordinated set showcases the latest additions to the brand’s summer collection, featuring the Aces tennis skirt as its centerpiece.

Alo Yoga’s Summer Drop

The Aces tennis skirt, available in white, black, and Jenner’s vibrant green apple shade, boasts a hidden pocket for essential items and built-in shorts for enhanced mobility.
For a complete look, Jenner paired the skirt with the Airbrush Real bra tank, while alternatives such as the Splendor Bra offer versatility.

Tennis Skirts Beyond the Court

While the tennis skirt has roots in athleisure, TikTok has propelled it into everyday fashion.
Users demonstrate innovative styling techniques, pairing the skirt with platform boots, oversized sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and crop tops.
This summer, the trend leans towards shorter pleated versions, perfect for showcasing favorite socks, sandals, or sneakers.


The tennis skirt revival offers endless possibilities for self-expression.
Embrace the trend with inspiration from Jenner’s Alo Yoga ensemble or explore your own creative flair.

Additional Information

  • Kendall Jenner is known for her influence on fashion trends.
  • The Alo Yoga summer collection features a variety of tops and accessories to complement the Aces tennis skirt.
  • Tennis skirts have become a popular choice for both street style and courtside fashion.
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