The Convergence of Craft Breweries and Wellness

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The Convergence of Craft Breweries and Wellness: Yoga, Pilates, and More


For over a decade, trivia nights have dominated the social scene at traditional taverns. However, 21st-century craft breweries are expanding their offerings beyond games, embracing a wide range of wellness activities.

In 2017, Melissa Leigh Faulkner founded Om Brewers, a mobile yoga studio that conducts classes in unconventional locations, including breweries. Faulkner’s initiative has since become her primary occupation.

Contrary to preconceived notions, yoga at breweries is not designed to promote inebriation. “Alcohol consumption is prohibited during classes,” Faulkner asserts. “Indulgence occurs post-workout.”

While brewery yoga is not entirely novel, Om Brewers holds the distinction of being one of only three nationwide businesses dedicated to teaching yoga predominantly in breweries, boasting an itinerant schedule that encompasses Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, and Duluth.

The popularity of yoga and the rise of craft breweries have coincided in recent years. Faulkner observes that “combining physical exercise with subsequent libations is not a novel concept. It appeals to the innate desire for immediate gratification.” Moreover, breweries provide an ideal setting for yoga classes.

Brewing facilities are often housed in renovated historic structures with ample space, high ceilings, and abundant natural light, creating an aesthetically pleasing and serene environment. Many breweries schedule yoga classes during the hour preceding taproom operations, allowing participants to enjoy a complimentary beverage and socialize with other patrons.

Faulkner recognizes the intimidating atmosphere that can pervade traditional yoga studios. “Brewery classes alleviate this apprehension, encouraging mistakes and creating a more relaxed ambiance,” she explains.

The convergence of craft breweries and wellness underscores the evolving nature of these establishments, transitioning from mere beverage hubs to vibrant community gathering places that foster physical, intellectual, and social well-being.

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