The Courtney Black Workout App: A Comprehensive Review

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Courtney Black has emerged as a renowned fitness influencer, gaining popularity through her app, eponymous digital offerings, and captivating live workouts. This article delves into a detailed analysis of her app’s features, equipment requirements, and the efficacy of her workout plans.

Courtney Black App: Your Personal Trainer

  • Personalized workout plans tailored to individual needs
  • Recipes catering to various dietary restrictions
  • Real-time workout guidance
  • Macro goal calculator for nutritional tracking
  • Progress tracker to monitor fitness journey

The app’s cost varies based on the subscription period, with flexible options available.

Essential Equipment

  • Home gym equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands (optional, but enhances workouts)
  • Yoga mat

Yoga Mat and Resistance Bands

Courtney Black utilizes The Grip Mat from Yoga Studio as her yoga mat of choice. For resistance bands, she endorses her own Pro Resistance Band Duo Pack.

Workout Schedule and Experience

This article provides a detailed daily breakdown of Courtney Black’s workouts, including highlights, personal experiences, and evaluations:

Monday: HIIT Workout

This high-intensity interval training workout incorporates plyometric movements, including squats and lunges, which can be challenging for individuals with tight hip flexors.

Tuesday: Core and Glutes

Two separate workouts target the core and glute muscles, featuring a mix of weighted and bodyweight exercises and supersets.

Wednesday: Leg Day

A comprehensive leg workout emphasizing glute exercises, involving resistance bands and weights.

Thursday: Coredio

A 10-minute HIIT workout focused on core engagement with exercises such as squats, reverse lunges, and burpees.

Friday: No HIIT Full Body

A full-body workout without high-intensity intervals, incorporating weighted exercises, side lunges, and press-ups.


Courtney Black’s workouts are lauded for their effectiveness and efficiency, designed to optimize results within short periods. The app provides a comprehensive platform for fitness guidance.


Courtney Black’s app offers a valuable resource for those seeking a structured and personalized fitness program. With its varied workouts, nutritional support, and progress tracking, it caters to individuals with diverse fitness levels and goals.


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