The Cursed Lesson: A South Korean Psychological Horror

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The Cursed Lesson (2020) is a South Korean mystery horror film that follows Hyo-jeong, an online fashion model facing the threat of unemployment amidst an emerging generation of younger and more stylish models. In a desperate attempt to maintain her relevance, she learns of a mysterious yoga class from her former classmate, Ga-yeong, which promises to transform her body into an ideal form.

As Hyo-jeong delves into this enigmatic class with three classmates, Mi-yeon, Ji-won, and Ye-na, a series of disturbing events unfolds. Meanwhile, the authorities investigate a murder committed by a former student of the yoga class, unraveling the sinister secrets that lie beneath its facade.

Critical Reception

Positive Reviews

  • “The Cursed Lesson is a compelling entry in Korean cinema, boasting a well-crafted production and a captivating narrative that delves into the psychological horror of obsession and the relentless pursuit of beauty.” – Cinéphile
  • “The film’s exploration of the dangers of societal pressures and the allure of perfectionism is both timely and unsettling, offering a thought-provoking commentary.” –
    Film Freak

Mixed Reviews

  • “While The Cursed Lesson presents a promising premise and a visually stunning depiction of the yoga class, its pacing can be somewhat uneven, and the character development could have been more nuanced.” –
    Screen Junkies
  • “The abrupt shift toward supernatural elements in the film’s final act feels jarring and dilutes the psychological tension that had been carefully built up beforehand.” – The Guardian

Negative Reviews

  • “The acting performances are wooden, and the plot is often predictable, lacking the originality and impact that one would expect from a horror film of this caliber.” – Bloody Disgusting
  • “Despite its intriguing setup, The Cursed Lesson ultimately fails to deliver on its potential, relying too heavily on tired tropes and a lack of narrative cohesion.” –

Technical Information

Original Title:

요가학원: 죽음의쿤달리니 (Yoga Academy: Kundalini of Death)

Release Date:

November 2020 (South Korea)


Jai-hong Juhn, Ji-han Kim


Lee Chae-Young, Choi Chul-Ho, Cho Jung-Min, Kan Mi-Yeon


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