The Impact of Sadhguru: Inner Engineering Program in Tampa

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By John Miller


Sadhguru, an acclaimed spiritual leader and author, is set to share his Inner Engineering program in Tampa, Florida, on April 29th and 30th, 2017. This program, designed to enhance inner well-being, is expected to attract over 2,500 attendees at the Tampa Convention Center.

Global Leadership and Impact

Sadhguru, recognized as a global authority in meditation and yoga, established the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering global harmony through individual transformation and elevated consciousness.

Inner Engineering Program

During the two-day Inner Engineering program, attendees will gain insights into Sadhguru’s wisdom and practical teachings. The program includes a 21-minute daily practice accessible to all, regardless of prior yoga experience.

Community Involvement

Dr. Kiran Patel, a prominent Tampa business leader, has enthusiastically endorsed Sadhguru’s upcoming visit and highlighted the program’s potential to promote peace and well-being amidst the challenges of modern life. Over 200 local volunteers are actively spreading awareness about this event in the Tampa Bay area.

Program Requirements and Registration

Participants are required to complete seven online sessions in advance, ensuring a solid foundation for the in-person program. To ensure ample time for online preparation, registration is recommended by April 15th.

Call to Action

Individuals seeking enhanced inner well-being are encouraged to register for the Inner Engineering program through or by contacting 813-413-1661.

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