The Mystique of Mysore: A Transformative Yoga Journey

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Within the realm of yoga, Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga presents a unique and alluring form of practice. This article explores the transformative experience of a middle-aged practitioner as she embarks on this rigorous discipline.

Encountering Ashtanga Yoga

Initially exposed to Ashtanga Yoga through the mesmerizing performance of seasoned practitioners, the author yearned to replicate their effortless grace. Inspired, she resolved to attend the Mysore-style class at Ahimsa Yoga, a studio conveniently located near her workplace.

The Mysore Method

In Mysore-style yoga, students progress through a set sequence of poses at their own pace, guided by the teacher’s adjustments and instructions. This approach fosters self-awareness and a deep connection with the breath.

The Teacher’s Role

Diane Moser, the Mysore teacher at Ahimsa Yoga, embodies the qualities of a skilled guide. Her encouraging demeanor and unwavering belief in her students’ abilities create a supportive environment.

Transformation Through Practice

With each daily practice, the author experienced a profound shift. Despite her age, her body gradually regained flexibility and strength. The consistent practice brought about a sense of lightness that extended beyond the physical realm.

The Journey Within

Beyond the physical benefits, Ashtanga Yoga became a catalyst for introspection. The author discovered a reserve of inner strength and resilience that had been dormant for years.


The author’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga. It challenges the misconception that it is solely reserved for the young and athletic, demonstrating its accessibility and profound impact on practitioners of all ages and fitness levels.

About the Author

Leslie Ihde is a practicing psychotherapist and resident of Ithaca, New York. Her experiences with Ashtanga Yoga have ignited a passion for its transformative qualities.

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