The Ultimate Guide to Athleisure Brands in 2023

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Athleisure, a seamless blend of athletic and leisure wear, has become a ubiquitous trend, offering both comfort and style. Our experts present a comprehensive list of the most sought-after activewear brands for 2023, catering to both women and men.

1. Lululemon

Unveiling the pinnacle of refined athleisure, Lululemon stands apart with its iconic Align leggings, acclaimed for their unparalleled softness. Complementing their women’s offerings, the men’s collection showcases an impressive assortment of athletic shorts and tees.

2. Adidas

Forever ingrained in the annals of athleisure, Adidas continues its reign in 2023. Its three-stripe logo has become a symbol of effortless style, adorning hoodies, joggers, and the renowned Stan Smith sneakers.

3. Athleta

A formidable contender, Athleta holds its own alongside Lululemon. Their leggings and sports bras have garnered praise for their functionality and fashion-forward designs. Additionally, their collaborative efforts with luminaries like Alicia Keys have further cemented their position.

4. Bandier

At the nexus of fashion and athleisure, Bandier emerges with a curated selection of leggings, sneakers, and tops. Their extended sizing and commitment to quick-drying compression fabric will appeal to fashion-conscious athletes seeking both performance and aesthetics.

5. Vuori

Inspired by Southern California’s laid-back style, Vuori combines performance and fashion. Their breathable athletic shorts for men and ultra-soft joggers for women are testaments to their unwavering commitment to versatility.

6. Under Armour

Under Armour, a stalwart in the sportswear industry, caters to every exercise enthusiast. From compression tights and sports bras to parkas and cold-weather gear, they provide a comprehensive range for indoor and outdoor fitness.

7. Fabletics

Led by Kate Hudson, Fabletics has captivated activewear enthusiasts with its subscription service. Their highly acclaimed PowerHold Leggings, available in a kaleidoscope of patterns, are a testament to their stylish yet practical offerings.

8. Nike

A household name in fitness, Nike’s resurgence has captivated the athleisure landscape. From the ubiquitous Air Max sneakers to vibrant running tights, Nike continues to inspire athletes and casual exercisers alike.

9. Alo Yoga

Celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike have embraced Alo Yoga. Their Airlift leggings are renowned for their comfort and quality, while their tank tops and pullovers offer unparalleled coziness.

10. Cariuma

For those seeking eco-conscious and stylish footwear, Cariuma delivers. Their sneakers, from Vans-esque skate shoes to high-tops, have garnered accolades for their sustainability and durability.

11. New Balance

New Balance’s commitment to environmental sustainability has earned them widespread admiration. Their Green Leaf Standard prioritizes environmentally preferred materials, allowing you to stay active while reducing your impact.

12. Girlfriend Collective

Another beacon of sustainability, Girlfriend Collective’s Match Sets, crafted from recycled materials, embody their eco-friendly ethos. Their vibrant hues and versatility will effortlessly elevate your activewear wardrobe.

13. Universal Standard

For those seeking plus-size-friendly athleisure, Universal Standard offers a curated collection of neutral-toned pieces. Their designs seamlessly transition from lounge to gym, providing comfort and style throughout your day.

14. Onzie

Onzie, established as a yoga clothing brand, has expanded its offerings to encompass a wide range of activities. Their vibrant matching sets and swimwear ensure you’ll find the perfect fit for every workout and relaxation need.

15. Puma

Puma’s legacy in athleisure continues to evolve with its collaborations with trendsetters like Dua Lipa. Their expansive collection guarantees something to suit even the most discerning taste, ensuring that you stay stylish while breaking a sweat.

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