The Yoga Gnome: A Haven for Kids’ Well-being

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By Irena Alferovsky

Genesis of the Gnome

The COVID-19 pandemic left an indelible mark on Adi Strigl’s children. Deprived of school, friends, and their usual pastimes, they struggled with sleep and emotional turmoil. In response to their plight, Adi conceptualized The Yoga Gnome in 2020, seeking solace for her offspring and others in need.

A Life-Changing Discovery

Adi’s first encounter with yoga as a teenager in her native Israel sparked an enduring passion. While serving as a Communications Sergeant in the Israeli army, she recognized the synergy between yoga’s discipline and the military’s purpose, both demanding rigor and a sense of mission.

Yoga’s Profound Mission

To Adi, yoga’s primary objective is not merely physical well-being, but the transformative connection between mind, body, heart, and spirit. Through this connection, individuals establish a harmonious rapport with themselves and their surroundings.

From Military Service to the Yoga Mat

Adi’s journey beyond the military led her to traverse the globe, eventually settling in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where fate brought her together with her husband, Mike. While working at the Oxford Valley Mall, Adi’s passion for yoga remained undeterred, eventually leading her to teach basic poses to her children.

The Birth of The Yoga Gnome

In a moment of inspiration, Adi extended an invitation to her community on Facebook, offering yoga classes tailored to children. A friend graciously provided a picturesque courtyard in Furlong for the inaugural sessions. With up to ten students per class, mostly aged 5-10, Adi’s classes garnered immediate interest.

Guided by Destiny

As the weather turned colder, the courtyard became unsuitable for outdoor classes. Fortuitously, an adjacent building became available, serving as the studio for The Yoga Gnome’s budding practice.

The Essence of Adi’s Approach

Adi attributes the seamless evolution of The Yoga Gnome to the heartfelt nature of her endeavor. Her belief in the power of yoga and her genuine desire to foster children’s well-being have paved the way for its success.

A Sanctuary for Mind and Body

In October, The Yoga Gnome will relocate to a new, expanded space in Doylestown. The studio offers a diverse range of classes, including “Baby and Me” for infants, “Gnome and Me” for preschoolers, “Family Yoga,” and “Yoga and Mindfulness” for various age groups, including LGBTQ+ youth.

The Restorative Power of Savasana

Adi’s students eagerly anticipate the “Savasana” (Final Pose) at the end of each class. This pose provides a precious moment of rest, allowing children to surrender to a state of complete relaxation. It offers an opportunity to transition from the constant demands of daily life to a state of peaceful presence.

A Personal Reflection

The author reminisces about the absence of yoga classes for children during her own youth and the physical discomfort she experienced during mandatory gym classes. She expresses admiration for the benefits and inclusivity offered by The Yoga Gnome.

Career Transformations

The author encourages readers to share their stories of unique career journeys and unexpected paths that have led to fulfilling dreams. Submissions can be emailed to herald@buckscountyherald. com with the subject line “It’s a Living with Lisa.”

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