Top-Rated Yoga Spots in Detroit: A Data-Driven Analysis

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Detroit’s yoga scene offers a vibrant range of options. Our comprehensive analysis has identified the city’s most acclaimed yoga studios, utilizing Yelp and proprietary algorithms to establish a definitive ranking.


Hoodline’s data-driven approach considers Yelp reviews and star ratings, complemented by our own evaluation criteria. This rigorous methodology ensures the accuracy and relevance of our rankings.

Top Yoga Studios

  • Jabs Gym Eastern Market: Nestled in the heart of the Russell Street district, Jabs Gym Eastern Market offers a well-rounded fitness experience that includes yoga. Renowned for its exceptional instruction, the studio has garnered a remarkable 4.5-star rating from 21 Yelp reviews.
  • Citizen Yoga: Located in the vibrant downtown area, Citizen Yoga has quickly become a local favorite. With a 4.5-star rating from 26 Yelp reviews, the studio is known for its welcoming atmosphere and diverse range of yoga classes.
  • Detroit Yoga Lab: Situated in Midtown, Detroit Yoga Lab has gained recognition for its dedicated yoga practice. Yelpers have bestowed upon it a 4-star rating based on 11 reviews, praising the studio’s knowledgeable instructors and inclusive approach.


Detroit’s yoga scene has something to offer every practitioner, from experienced yogis to curious beginners. Our analysis has provided a comprehensive guide to the city’s top-rated yoga studios, empowering you to embark on your own journey of physical and mental well-being.


Lilyana Foxworthy, a seasoned yoga practitioner and fitness enthusiast, has written extensively about the health and wellness industry.

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