Trapeze Yoga: A Unique Inversion Therapy

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Trapeze Yoga, a form of anti-gravity yoga, has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike aerial yoga, which utilizes a single ribbon or hammock for support and balance, trapeze yoga employs a large sling or hammock with three different length handles, making it a unique exercise experience.

Benefits of Trapeze Yoga

  • Decompression of the spine
  • Alleviation of back pain
  • Increased blood flow to the head, leading to enhanced energy levels and clearer thinking
  • Cross-training for other types of yoga

Class Structure


Classes typically begin with a series of stretches, including side-to-side body drops while holding onto the high handles.


Once students are comfortable in their slings, they are taught to hang upside down, wrapping their feet around the sides of the sling for stability.

Yoga Poses

The class incorporates various yoga poses, including the wheel, triangle, dancer, and spine twists, all performed while suspended in the sling.


The class concludes with a relaxing “cocoon” pose, where students are enveloped in the sling, providing a sense of peace and tranquility.

Who is Trapeze Yoga Suitable For?

While some yoga or Pilates experience is recommended, Trapeze Yoga is accessible to individuals of varying fitness levels. Instructors emphasize that the class focuses on Yin principles, prioritizing relaxation and comfort over athleticism.

Location and Pricing

Bikram Yoga Plus in Palm Desert offers Trapeze Yoga as one of its specialty classes. The 60-minute class is not included in the regular class packages and costs $20 per session. The studio also provides a range of packages and introductory specials for locals.

Contact Information

To inquire about Trapeze Yoga classes or other services offered by Bikram Yoga Plus, please contact the studio at (760) 346-2988 or visit their website at [website address].

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