Trataka: An Ancient Yogic Technique for Anti-Aging

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Yoga has been practiced for centuries for its numerous health benefits, including anti-aging. One form of yoga, Trataka, has recently gained attention for its unique benefits for cognitive function and eye health.

What is Trataka?

Trataka is a meditation technique that involves gazing at a single point, typically a candle flame. The Sanskrit term Trataka means “to gaze.” Meditators typically stare at the flame for no longer than two minutes, once a week or even daily.

Benefits of Trataka

  • Improved Concentration: Trataka helps strengthen the ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Eye Health: The practice aids in preserving and improving eye health, which can become strained due to prolonged blue light exposure from screens.
  • Cognitive Enhancement: Studies suggest a positive correlation between Trataka and improved memory, attention, and concentration, especially in older adults.

How to Practice Trataka

To practice Trataka, follow these steps:
  1. Sit comfortably on a mat or blanket, with legs crossed and spine upright.
  2. Place a non-toxic, odorless candle three feet away at eye level.
  3. Perform a few yoga poses and breathing exercises to prepare.
  4. Focus on the candle flame for one to two minutes.
  5. Close your eyes and mentally focus on the flame for as long as possible.


While Trataka is accessible to most individuals, epileptics should not focus on flickering flames. Those prone to headaches should also avoid the practice, as it may aggravate head pain.


Trataka is an ancient yogic technique that offers a unique approach to anti-aging. By improving concentration, eye health, and cognitive function, this practice can help individuals ward off signs of aging and promote overall well-being.


Dr. Emily Carter

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