The practice of yoga has been recognized for its therapeutic benefits, and a yoga studio in Woodlawn is pioneering a specific type known as trauma-sensitive yoga.

Blue Lotus Yoga is one of the few studios that cater specifically to the needs of survivors of trauma. Owner Beth Albrecht started the studio in 2019 after experiencing the transformative power of yoga in her own healing journey.

Trauma-sensitive yoga focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment where survivors can access their bodies and emotions. The classes incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and movement to help participants regulate their emotions and promote self-awareness.

“We hold a lot of trauma and stress in our bodies,” Albrecht said. “When you start to move your body and breathe, everything just starts to bubble up.”

Blue Lotus Yoga offers a scholarship program to make their classes more accessible to those who need them most. The studio also has a community fund that enables individuals to contribute to their mission of making yoga accessible to all.

The studio has become a beacon of healing and empowerment in the Woodlawn community. Participants have reported a reduction in stress, improved sleep, and increased self-esteem.

Albrecht’s hope is that more people will experience the transformative power of trauma-sensitive yoga. “It’s a journey towards a better self,” she said.