Unique Yoga Classes to Elevate Your Practice

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Indianapolis boasts a vibrant yoga scene, offering an array of unconventional classes that push the boundaries of traditional practice.

Paddleboard Yoga

Eagle Creek Outfitters

Balance and relaxation intertwine at Eagle Creek Reservoir, where Peace Through Yoga guides you through poses on paddleboards in shallow water. This experience combines the serenity of nature with the physical challenges of yoga.

Goat Yoga

Pathways to Healing Counseling

Prepare for a lighthearted session with Happy Goat Lucky yoga. Join playful goats for a blend of stretching, twists, and plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities during this 40-minute class.

Aerial Yoga

Mindful Movement Studio

Defy gravity and suspend yourself in a hammock. This innovative practice strengthens the spine, improves circulation, and offers a unique perspective on yoga poses.

Yoga with Bunnies (and Beer)

Metazoa Brewing Company

Embrace your inner rabbit pose and enjoy a pint at Metazoa Brewing. Surround yourself with adorable adoptable bunnies while practicing yoga in this lively 75-minute class.

Yoga for Kids

Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids

Foster a playful introduction to yoga with Silly Hearts Yoga. Incorporating music, storytelling, and animal poses, these classes make learning yoga a joyful experience for young minds.

Yoga with Alpacas

Montrose Farms

Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace at Montrose Farms. Strike poses among gentle alpacas during this serene yoga session, fostering a connection between mind, body, and the furry companions.

Yoga with Wine

Buck Creek Winery

Indulge in a relaxing yoga experience at Buck Creek Winery. Unwind under an outdoor shelter house with an hour of yoga, complemented by a refreshing glass of wine.

Yoga at the Farmers Market

Nickel Plate District Amphitheater

Join Source Yoga Center at the Fishers Farmers Market Amphitheater. This class caters to yogis of all levels, offering a welcoming atmosphere for a serene practice amidst the vibrant market atmosphere.

Yoga with Puppies

The Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay

Practice yoga alongside adorable adoptable puppies from Helping Paws. This class combines stress relief with the joy of furry companionship, adding a heartwarming touch to your practice.

Yoga for Teens

Shine Yoga & Wellness Studio

Help teens navigate the stresses of adolescence with Shine Yoga’s yoga class tailored specifically for middle schoolers and high schoolers. This session fosters relaxation through breathing exercises, yoga sequences, and guided meditation.

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