Unlock the Path to Wellness: Delving into NMU’s Yoga Club

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Origins and Mission

Northern Michigan University’s Yoga Club germinated from the generous proposition of Marquette’s esteemed yoga co-op, Unity Yoga Co-op. Emily Carter, an experienced instructor at Unity Yoga Co-op, extended an invitation to Samuel Holmes, a student pursuing environmental studies and sustainability. Inspired by this outreach, Holmes embarked upon the establishment of the Yoga Club.

Holmes gravitates towards a more yin-based approach in her yoga instruction at Unity Co-op. Her focus lies in gradual movements that emphasize conscious breathing.

Diverse Practice

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of yoga, the Yoga Club offers students the opportunity to explore various styles of this ancient practice. “Carter’s teachings have centered on the foundations of yoga, emphasizing proper posture alignment, allowing ample time for inquiries and inquiry, and cultivating a deep understanding of each pose’s execution,” Holmes observed.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The Yoga Club welcomes practitioners of all experience levels. The instructors skillfully modify poses to accommodate the unique needs of each individual. “We embrace all levels of yoga experience,” Holmes declared. “The only indispensable items are comfortable attire and a yoga mat.”

To enhance accessibility, the Yoga Club conducts its sessions at Unity Yoga Co-op, conveniently located off campus. Additionally, the club facilitates carpooling arrangements for members who lack transportation. Club Vice President Sarah Williams plays a pivotal role in coordinating rides and ensuring the organization’s inclusivity.

“We currently offer carpooling services outside the Northern Center for on-campus students approximately thirty minutes prior to our meetings,” Williams explained. “Our commitment extends to finding the most effective transportation solutions for students who require assistance. We are continuously working to improve this aspect of our club.”

The Yoga Club exhibits flexibility in its schedule, accommodating the changing seasons. “Members are encouraged to express their intentions for each practice, allowing us to collectively shape the session while adhering to a reasonable timeframe,” Holmes noted.

“The club’s doors remain perpetually open,” Williams added. “Although our formal sessions commence at seven o’clock, members can join us at their convenience.”

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