UP to Establish Wellness Centre for Senior Citizens

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UP to Establish Wellness Centre for Senior Citizens


In a significant move, the Uttar Pradesh government has proposed the establishment of a specialised wellness and care centre for senior citizens above the age of 65 in Lucknow. This initiative, part of the Yogi government’s agenda, aims to provide a comprehensive hub for the well-being and engagement of elderly citizens within the urban landscape of Lucknow.

Concept and Facilities

The proposed wellness centre, to be situated near Kapoorthala Crossing in Aliganj, has received approval from the state’s urban development department. The facility will offer a range of amenities and services tailored to the needs of senior citizens, including a card room, yoga and meditation facilities, dining options, a dedicated hobby area, medical consultation services, and indoor games. These services will be available during daytime hours, fostering social interaction and community building among the elderly population.

To ensure the sustainability of the wellness centre, a nominal monthly fee will be charged from its members. The aim is to create a self-reliant facility that can operate independently.

Implementation and Partnerships

The implementation of the wellness centre concept will involve collaboration between various municipal corporations and development authorities in Uttar Pradesh. The vision is to extend this initiative to other cities and towns within the state, particularly those designated as smart cities. Initial discussions have been held, and the centre in Lucknow will serve as a pilot project under the tentative name of “Ullas.”

The government will seek support from development authorities to identify suitable public spaces and parks where the wellness centres can be established. These facilities will provide both indoor and outdoor activity options, catering to the diverse interests and preferences of senior citizens.

To enhance the centre’s operations and foster community engagement, the government plans to partner with non-governmental organisations such as the Red Cross and engage local volunteers in its management.


The establishment of the wellness centre in Lucknow and its subsequent expansion to other cities in Uttar Pradesh represents a significant step towards addressing the needs of senior citizens in the state. By providing a dedicated space for social interaction, recreation, and healthcare services, this initiative aims to improve the quality of life for the elderly population, fostering a sense of well-being and inclusivity within the community.

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