Upstate’s New Yoga Shorts: A Stylish Take on a Classic

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Upstate’s New Yoga Shorts


Yoga shorts have traditionally been designed for functionality, often featuring short lengths and minimal coverage. However, Upstate, a women’s wear and home goods brand, has introduced a new style of yoga shorts that combines comfort and style. These mid-thigh-length shorts are made from breathable cotton and spandex fabric, ensuring both comfort and flexibility during yoga practice.

Collaboration with Sky Ting Yoga

Upstate collaborated with Sky Ting Yoga, a popular yoga studio in Chinatown, to create these shorts. Sky Ting’s founders, Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, sought to expand their offerings with stylish yoga apparel, and were impressed by Upstate’s elegant prints and silhouettes. The collaboration marks Sky Ting’s first yoga fashion collaboration, catering to their fashion-conscious clientele.

Design and Features

  • Mid-thigh length for coverage and mobility
  • 90% cotton and 10% spandex for breathability and flexibility
  • Available in two eye-catching prints: Static (black and white) and Galaxy (blues/turquoise)

The shorts are designed to provide a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional yoga leggings. Upstate founder Kalen Kaminski, a dedicated Sky Ting yoga practitioner, played a key role in developing the shorts’ design. She often practiced yoga in homemade shorts, and pitched the idea to Sky Ting, resulting in this successful collaboration.

Market Appeal

With rising temperatures, yoga enthusiasts are seeking lighter and more comfortable clothing options. Upstate’s mid-thigh-length shorts meet this demand, offering both coverage and breathability. The shorts have been endorsed by the “cool kids” of yoga, including Kaminski and the style arbiters at Sky Ting. They recommend pairing the shorts with graphic tees for an edgy, downtown look.


Upstate’s new yoga shorts offer a fresh and stylish take on traditional yoga attire. Created in collaboration with Sky Ting Yoga, these shorts combine comfort and functionality with a touch of elegance. The mid-thigh length, breathable fabric, and eye-catching prints make them a versatile choice for yoga enthusiasts who value both style and comfort. As the summer season approaches, Upstate’s yoga shorts are a perfect addition to any yoga wardrobe.

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