**Vedic Research Center: A Renaissance in Indian Scientific Heritage**

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**By Dr. Upendra Kumar Tripathi, Head of Veda Department, Banaras Hindu University**

**Foundation and Mission:**

The Centre for Vedic Research, established at Banaras Hindu University, represents an unprecedented milestone in the exploration of ancient Indian Vedic wisdom. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary inauguration of this institute signifies a commitment to unraveling the depths of Vedic texts and their profound implications on scientific inquiry. The center’s mission encompasses:

* Extrapolating and disseminating hitherto unexplored or neglected Vedic texts pertaining to diverse scientific disciplines.
* Engaging in multidisciplinary research that bridges the gap between traditional Vedic knowledge and contemporary scientific paradigms.
* Developing educational material on Vedic scientific principles for integration into existing curricula and addressing the absence of Vedic sciences in current scientific discourse.
* Preserving and collating Vedic manuscripts for publication and scholarly examination.

**Scientific Exploration and Methodology:**

The center is equipped with a state-of-the-art research laboratory dedicated to investigating the effects of Vedic mantras, rituals, yoga, and meditation on the human psyche through neuropsychological studies. This innovative approach seeks to validate the transformative power of Vedic practices and their influence on human well-being.

**Ancient Vedic Wisdom: A Treasure Trove of Scientific Insights:**

Ancient India’s intellectual tapestry was adorned with numerous branches of knowledge, ranging from the science of rituals and agamas to dramaturgy, music, architecture, astrology, astronomy, cosmology, medicine, surgery, military strategy, yoga, mathematics, and metallurgy. The center aims to delve into all these facets, illuminating their relevance to modern scientific advancements.

**Reviving Vedic Science in Contemporary Times:**

Through centuries of neglect, the contributions of ancient Vedic seers such as Pravacanakaras, Bharatmuni, Aryabhata, Bhaskara I & II, Varahamihira, Shushruta, and Charaka to science and technology had been relegated to the realm of forgotten knowledge. The Centre for Vedic Research aspires to bridge this historical divide, connecting the wisdom of the past with the technological innovations of the present.

**Educational Programs and Outreach:**

To foster a profound understanding of Vedic scientific principles, the center offers a comprehensive range of academic programs, including certificate courses, diploma courses, degree courses, post-graduate programs, and doctoral studies. This multi-tiered approach caters to the needs of aspiring scholars, educators, and researchers.

**Credit and Rights:**

**This article was researched and written by Dr. Upendra Kumar Tripathi, Head of Veda Department, Banaras Hindu University. Credit and rights belong to OMG I Yoga.**

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