Watch: Iguana Hilariously Nibbles Yoga Instructor’s Finger

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Yoga Instructor Encounter

While practicing yoga on a Bahamian beach, a yoga instructor experienced an unusual interruption: a playful iguana nibbled on her finger.

The incident, which was captured on video, shows the instructor stretching her arms above her head when one of the iguanas approached and cautiously took a bite.

Iguana Feeding Behavior

The iguana’s behavior was not malicious but rather an attempt to obtain food.

Tourists have been feeding iguanas treats on Bahamian beaches for years, desensitizing the reptiles to humans.

As a result, iguanas have begun to associate the sound of an outboard motor with the prospect of a free meal.

Unintended Consequences

Feeding iguanas has multiple consequences:

  • Unnatural foods like grapes and potato chips may harm the reptiles’ health.
  • Sand ingestion can occur when iguanas eat treats on the beach.
  • Iguanas may neglect their natural diet, leading to disruptions in plant dynamics.

While providing socioeconomic benefits for tour operators, feeding iguanas also poses long-term risks to the species. Researchers emphasize the importance of introducing pelleted food and alternative delivery systems to minimize negative impacts.

Case Study: Exuma Island Rock Iguana

The video likely depicts an Exuma Island rock iguana (Cyclura cychlura figginsi).

Prior to 2006, the species was scarce on this particular cay. However, tour operator activity has led to an increase in their numbers and de-sensitization to humans.

Researchers continue to monitor the long-term effects of feeding practices on iguana populations.

Safety Considerations

Although iguanas are not typically aggressive, caution should be exercised in areas where they are fed.

Large iguanas have the capacity to inflict serious injuries.

Maintaining a respectful distance is recommended to avoid potential encounters.


The incident serves as a reminder of the complex interactions between humans and wildlife.

Balancing the ecological well-being of iguanas with the socioeconomic benefits of tourism requires a sustainable approach that prioritizes the welfare of these intriguing creatures.

Credit and rights belong to OMG I Yoga

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