Wearable Devices Ltd.: Innovators in Touchless Gesture Control

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Revolutionary Wearable Technology for Apple Watch

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Unveiling the Mudra Band

Wearable Devices Ltd. (WLDS/WLDSW) proudly presents the Mudra Band, an AI-powered Apple Watch accessory that transforms user interaction through advanced neural sensing technology. This innovative wearable empowers users with the ability to control their digital world using intuitive gestures.

Harnessing Wrist Intelligence

The Mudra Band harnesses wrist neural signals to translate subtle movements into digital commands. Its Air-Touch functionality allows for seamless control, enabling users to navigate, select, and interact with digital elements with unparalleled ease and precision.

Extended Functionality for Versatile Device Control

With the toggle and switch function, users can effortlessly switch control between multiple Apple devices (iPhone, Mac computer, Apple TV, and iPad). The Mudra Band’s expanded connectivity also supports additional Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Unveiling the Potential

“The excitement surrounding the Mudra Band is a testament to its transformative potential,” said Asher Dahan, CEO of Wearable Devices. “We are fully committed to supporting our customers with enhanced marketing efforts and customer support to ensure a seamless experience.”

Key Attributes:

  • AI-powered touchless gesture control
  • Air-Touch functionality for intuitive interaction
  • Toggle and switch function for seamless device control
  • Compatibility with multiple Apple Watch models

About Wearable Devices Ltd.

Wearable Devices is a pioneering company specializing in the development of AI-based neural input interface technology for both B2C and B2B markets. Their flagship product, the Mudra Band, integrates advanced algorithms with sophisticated sensors to enable “touchless” interaction with connected devices.

Investing in Innovation

Wearable Devices strives to forge the path for technology by leveraging AI, proprietary algorithms, and hardware to revolutionize input standards for Extended Reality, a rapidly expanding sector in the tech industry.

Contact Information

Visit Wearable Devices’ website: https://www.wearabledevices.co.il/contact

Forward-Looking Statements

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