Wim Hof Breaks His Own World Record for Ice Endurance

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By Dr. Sarah Jane Smith, PhD

Record-Breaking Feat

On a bustling Manhattan street, Wim Hof, a self-proclaimed tantric master, shattered his previous world record by enduring an astounding 72 minutes completely submerged in a container filled with ice.

Tantra and Temperature Control

Hof attributes his ability to withstand such extreme conditions to his mastery of tantric meditation, a discipline that enables him to control his body temperature. Tantra is an ancient Eastern practice that involves rituals and meditation designed to deepen one’s spiritual connection.

Past Record and Event Kick-off

In 2004, Hof established the initial world record for full-body ice contact endurance by remaining immersed for 68 minutes. His recent feat marked the inauguration of BRAINWAVE, a multifaceted event series in New York delving into the profound effects of art, music, and meditation on the human brain.

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