Workout Your Way: Streaming Fitness Options

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Workout Your Way: Streaming Fitness Options

Gone are the days of monotonous gym workouts. With the advent of streaming services, you can now enjoy tailored fitness classes from the comfort of your home. Dive into a wide range of workouts and discover new ways to stay fit and healthy.

Get Active with Streaming Services

  • Netflix offers Nike Training Club classes in various disciplines, including yoga, strength training, and HIIT. These workouts are accessible to all Netflix subscribers.
  • Prime Video provides free fitness content with Amazon Prime membership. The platform offers yoga sessions tailored to specific body types and goals, as well as full-body workouts that require minimal equipment.
  • Kanopy grants access to a collection of classic fitness videos, such as Jane Fonda’s renowned aerobics workouts and Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies series. Additionally, the platform offers strength training and yoga classes that emphasize inclusivity and adaptability.
  • PBS offers a range of free workouts through its online platform. These classes include full-body workouts, yoga sessions, and specialized programs for specific conditions like Parkinson’s disease and PTSD.
  • The Roku Channel provides access to fitness content even for non-Roku users through its mobile app. The platform features belly dancing tutorials, popular fitness trends, and yoga classes designed for well-being and arthritis.
  • Crackle offers a limited but rotating selection of yoga classes led by renowned instructor Howard Napper. The platform also features a meditation session to help you unwind and prepare for relaxation.
  • Tubi provides a diverse array of fitness content, including a series focused on ageless fitness for older adults. The platform also offers barre classes, belly dancing lessons, and a comprehensive prenatal workout program.


With these streaming fitness options at your fingertips, you can find the perfect workout routine that suits your needs and goals. Embark on a fitness journey with the convenience of streaming and experience the transformative power of exercising from the comfort of your own space.

By Dr. Alexa McDaniel, PhD in Exercise Physiology


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