Ye’s Aversion to Reading

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By Elizabeth Ferdinand


Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, has publicly expressed his aversion to reading on numerous occasions. In a recent episode of Alo Yoga’s “Alo Mind Full” podcast, Ye emphasized his preference for “good conversation” as a means of learning and knowledge acquisition.

Reading as Compared to Disagreeable Foods

In the podcast episode, Ye asserted that reading is akin to consuming Brussels sprouts, a vegetable he finds unpalatable. Conversely, he compared engaging in discussions to savoring the renowned corn ravioli served at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica.

Criticisms of Traditional Education

Ye has also voiced his dissatisfaction with conventional educational methods, particularly the overemphasis on reading in school curriculums. He believes that such approaches undermine students’ self-esteem and hinder the development of their self-confidence.

Donda Academy’s Educational Philosophy

In line with his views on education, Ye established Donda Academy, a private school in Simi Valley, California. Named after his late mother, the school encompasses grades kindergarten through 12. Donda Academy seeks to provide a more balanced educational experience, prioritizing self-confidence and incorporating alternative learning modalities.

Beyond Books: Ye’s Disdain for Reading

Ye’s antipathy toward reading extends beyond books to include extended text messages. He admitted to often reading only the opening and closing paragraphs of such messages, demonstrating his aversion to lengthy written content.


Ye’s unwavering aversion to reading has become a notable aspect of his public persona. His preference for oral communication and his criticism of traditional educational practices highlight his unique approach to learning and knowledge acquisition.


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