Yoga: A Guiding Light for Sherlyn Chopra

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By: Emily Davies
June 23, 2023
Sherlyn Chopra, the renowned actress, has publicly acknowledged the profound impact that yoga has had on her life. She shared her insights on the importance of yoga with News Helpline on the occasion of International Day of Yoga.

Yoga’s Transformative Journey

Chopra’s introduction to yoga occurred several years ago, in a period when technological resources for yoga practice were scarce. Undeterred, she embarked on a self-directed journey, becoming her own teacher through a process of experimentation and refinement. Today, she applauds the availability of yoga apps and videos, recognizing their value in introducing the practice to younger generations. Chopra attributes the global recognition of yoga to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Benefits of Yoga

Chopra emphasizes the myriad benefits yoga bestows upon practitioners. She highlights its ability to alleviate stress and cultivate determination. Chopra recounts her own transition from unhealthy habits to a lifestyle centered on wellness. Yoga, she maintains, has instilled within her a profound understanding of simplicity as a potent force for a fulfilling existence.


When queried about the actors and actresses she aspires to guide in yoga, Chopra expresses her admiration for Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan. She commends Ranaut’s consistent fitness regime but suggests that Balan could benefit from incorporating yoga into her routine. Chopra identifies Nawazuddin Siddiqui as another potential beneficiary of her yoga teachings, observing his apparent lack of physical fitness. She confidently asserts her ability to prevail in a boxing match against him.

Message to the Youth

Chopra addresses the prevalence of drug use and depression within the Bollywood industry, urging actors to set an exemplary standard for the youth. She emphasizes the importance of shunning drug abuse and embracing a healthy lifestyle. Chopra encourages young people to seek refuge in yoga as an antidote to stress and negativity. She underscores its ability to foster resilience and acceptance in the face of adversity.

Advice for Kartik Aaryan

Chopra offers words of encouragement to Kartik Aaryan, an actor facing industry backlash. She impresses upon him the strength and resilience of an eagle, asserting that he possesses the talent to navigate the challenges without external support. Chopra advises him to disregard criticism and maintain belief in his abilities.


Sherlyn Chopra’s journey with yoga exemplifies its transformative power. She advocates for its widespread adoption, recognizing its potential to alleviate stress, promote well-being, and empower individuals.
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