Yoga Camp Commences at Ambedkar Park, Led by NTPC Officials

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A five-day yoga camp commenced on Saturday at Ambedkar Park, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)-Ramagundam. This initiative precedes the International Day of Yoga, observed annually on June 21st.

The Event

Leading the event was Executive Director of NTPC (Ramagundam & Telangana), Mr. Rameshwar Singh. He emphasized the benefits of incorporating nature and fresh air into yoga practices, enhancing their effectiveness and enjoyment.

Mr. Singh encouraged participants to embrace healthier lifestyle choices that promote well-being. He highlighted NTPC Ramagundam’s recognition of yoga’s ancient Indian heritage and its commitment to fostering holistic health through initiatives such as yoga, open gym facilities, and other wellness programs.

Notable attendees included Chief General Manager (Project) Mr. Alok Kumar, GM (O&M) Mr. Maheshwar Raju, GM (Maintenance) Mr. Ajay Singh, GM (Ash Dyke Management) Mr. Ramesh Chandra, Head of HR Department Mr. Mahesh Kumar, and others.

Additional Information

The camp is designed to promote the benefits of yoga and encourage participants to incorporate it into their daily lives. NTPC Ramagundam remains committed to promoting physical and mental well-being through a wide range of initiatives.

Author: Dr. Rameshwar Singh, Executive Director, NTPC (Ramagundam & Telangana)

Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga

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