Yoga Camp Organised by Adhyatmik Yog Sansthan Jammu

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Adhyatmik Yog Sansthan Jammu, led by the illustrious Vipin Nischal, hosted a comprehensive Yoga camp at Jain Bazar on September 6. The camp commenced with the presence of eminent dignitaries, including Yughvir Sethi, General Secretary of the BJP, and Narotam Sharma, a respected Corporator.

Attendance and Activities

Over 150 women actively participated in the Yoga Shivir, eager to engage in the ancient science that fosters both physical and mental well-being. The instructors effectively shared their knowledge, empowering the participants to incorporate Yoga into their daily lives.

Appreciation and Future Endeavors

In recognition of their contributions, several women trainers were felicitated by Sethi. He lauded their efforts in disseminating the benefits of Yoga, contributing to the health and spiritual enlightenment of Jammu residents. Nischal, in his address, pledged to continue organizing similar Shivirs, ensuring the widespread dissemination of Yoga’s transformative power.


The Yoga camp organized by Adhyatmik Yog Sansthan Jammu was a resounding success, instilling the benefits of Yoga in the minds and bodies of the participants. The event showcased the organization’s dedication to promoting health and well-being through the ancient wisdom of Yoga.

Additional Information

  • The camp’s success was attributed to the unwavering support of dignitaries such as Yughvir Sethi and Narotam Sharma.
  • The Yoga Shivir focused on empowering women with the knowledge and skills to maintain their own health.
  • Adhyatmik Yog Sansthan Jammu remains committed to organizing future Shivirs, recognizing Yoga’s immense benefits for both individuals and society.


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