Yoga Club: Empowering Students with Emotional Regulation Techniques

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In Union County, North Carolina, innovative educators are prioritizing the mental well-being of their students. Sardis Elementary School teacher, Ms. Gay Hudson, has spearheaded an initiative—the Yoga Club—aimed at equipping children with strategies to manage anxiety and enhance their emotional regulation skills.

Rationale and Objectives

Inspired by her involvement in a school committee dedicated to fostering children’s socio-emotional development, Hudson recognized the need for alternative approaches to addressing the emotional challenges faced by her students. Seeking a holistic intervention, she conceived the Yoga Club. The program’s goal is to teach students techniques for redirecting and managing their stress, anger, anxiety, and attention difficulties.

Implementation and Structure

The Yoga Club is open to students in grades three through five. Every other week, a certified yoga instructor, Ms. Michelle Salo, leads the sessions, which closely resemble adult yoga classes. Through guided breathing exercises, physical poses, and mindfulness practices, Salo helps students cultivate self-awareness, emotional regulation, and focus.

Positive Feedback and Impact

Students’ feedback on the Yoga Club has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the program’s effectiveness in reducing stress and fostering emotional well-being. Students have reported feeling more relaxed, calm, and able to cope with daily challenges. They have also noticed improvements in their physical health, such as reduced back pain and increased flexibility.

Expansion Plans

Based on the success of the Yoga Club, plans are underway to expand the program to include students in grades one and two during the upcoming academic year. This expansion demonstrates the school’s commitment to providing all students with opportunities to develop healthy emotional regulation skills.


The Yoga Club at Sardis Elementary School is an exemplary initiative that empowers students with practical techniques for managing their emotions and enhancing their mental well-being. By integrating yoga principles into the school curriculum, Hudson and Salo are creating a positive and supportive environment where children can thrive both emotionally and academically.

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