Yoga Enthusiasts Gather in Abu Dhabi for International Yoga Day Curtain Raiser

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In preparation for the 9th International Yoga Day, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates hosted a curtain raiser event on June 17 at the renowned dome of the Louvre Museum, organized by the Embassy of India in the UAE.

Widespread Participation Highlights the Significance of Yoga

The event drew a sizable crowd of participants, showcasing the profound impact that yoga has on individuals’ physical well-being. The enthusiastic engagement attests to the value that this ancient practice holds in promoting health and vitality.

Main Event to Unfold at Port Rashid

The principal celebration of International Yoga Day will transpire on June 21 at the historic Port Rashid in Dubai, providing an opportunity for further yoga enthusiasts to come together and experience the benefits of this holistic discipline.

**Author:** Mia Rodriguez, Yoga Instructor and Researcher
  • Source: Embassy of India, United Arab Emirates
  • Date: June 18, 2023
  • Time: 01:04 AM IST

Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga

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