Yoga for Martial Arts

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Yoga for Martial Arts is an instructional guide designed to introduce martial artists to the fundamentals of yoga. This practice is becoming increasingly prevalent among martial artists due to its benefits for flexibility, strength, energy, and breathing.


The program is led by experienced yoga instructor, Alexia Martinez.


Yoga for Martial Arts provides a comprehensive approach to stretching, incorporating easy-to-follow instructions and multiple angles for clarity. Variations are provided for both beginners and advanced students, ensuring safety and challenge for all levels.

DVD Features

The DVD includes a menu for easy navigation and a special section dedicated to the benefits of yoga for martial artists.


“Yoga for Martial Arts is a professional quality video that can benefit martial artists in any discipline.” – BJORN WEEKS, BJJ Student

Purchasing Options

* Digital Access: Instantly stream the instructional video on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
* Physical DVD: Shipped free anywhere in the world.
* Combo Package: Digital access and physical DVD shipped free.


“One of the best things about Yoga is that you learn how to breathe while stretching. That way if you get pinned in an uncomfortable position while fighting an opponent you can still breathe and not get tired or panic.” – MARCUS SOARES, 6th degree blackbelt, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

“I endorse this product whole-heartedly. It is exactly what I have been looking for and needing in my training.” – PHILIP ‘SLED DOG’ GELINAS, 8th degree black belt, Kajukenbo Karate

Benefits for Martial Artists

* Develops hip, back, and leg flexibility
* Strengthens core muscles
* Improves breathing techniques for relaxation and focus

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