Yoga Joes: Advanced Poses and Serene Landscapes

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In 2014, entrepreneur Dan Abramson conceived Yoga Joes, an innovative line of plastic toys depicting tiny green figures engaged in various yoga poses. These figurines emerged as a whimsical embodiment of inner tranquility, eschewing conventional weaponry for the transformative power of yoga.

Abramson’s vision gained traction through a successful Kickstarter campaign, culminating in the production of these novel toys. Beyond their playful facade, Yoga Joes served as a catalyst, inspiring individuals to embrace the multifaceted benefits of yoga.

Advanced Yoga Poses

Abramson’s initial concept has since evolved with the introduction of Advanced Yoga Joes, featuring figurines that showcase “next-level” yoga postures such as the Advanced Side Plank, Scorpion, and Lotus Headstand. “We have made impossible balance a reality,” Abramson remarked.

Sedona’s Energy and Captivating Landscapes

Beyond their playful demeanor, Yoga Joes have also ventured into the realm of landscape photography. Abramson and a companion embarked on a weeklong expedition in Sedona, Arizona, renowned for its purported “Energy Vortexes” where subtle energy emanates from the Earth’s surface.

Their mission was to capture the interplay between these enigmatic vortexes and the Yoga Joes. The resulting photographs are a captivating fusion of vibrant green figurines and the breathtaking red rock formations of Sedona. The images encapsulate the harmony between nature’s grandeur and the serenity of yoga.

Availability and Contact Information

Advanced Yoga Joes are currently available for pre-order on the official website. For further information, visit Yoga Joes at:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @yogajoes
  • Facebook: @yogajoesofficial

Credit: OMG I Yoga
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