Yoga Journal: A Practical Guide to Yoga’s Physical and Mental Disciplines

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Author: Emily Carter

Affiliation: Morse Institute Library

About Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is a renowned publication that provides comprehensive guidance on the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Its pages are filled with practical poses, healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, and insightful book reviews.

Benefits of Yoga

The latest issue of Yoga Journal (September) explores the myriad benefits of yoga, offering practical advice on how to:

  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Foster joy and inner balance
  • Effectively manage stress

Availability at Morse Institute Library

Yoga Journal, along with over 200 other periodicals, can be found in the Periodicals Hall located on the second floor of the Morse Institute Library.

Physical copies of current issues are readily available for browsing within the library. Additionally, patrons with a valid Minuteman Network library card can borrow back issues for further exploration.

Further Information

For additional details and insights into Yoga Journal, readers are encouraged to visit the official website at


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