Yoga Naturally: Yoga Mats with Purpose

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In 2014, Canadian Chad Turner, a former ice hockey player turned yogi, was inspired by a sea of cheap, mass-produced yoga mats. He envisioned creating a product that combined beauty and functionality, leading him to establish Yoga Design Lab in Bali, Indonesia.

  • Designer: Chad Turner
  • Company: Yoga Design Lab

Last winter, Yoga Design Lab introduced a line of luxurious yoga mats crafted from recycled plastic bottles. “Our aim was to develop an aesthetically pleasing and highly effective product with minimal environmental impact,” says Turner. “Numerous yoga mats end up in landfills due to non-recyclable materials. While we strive to reduce plastic consumption, we can begin by repurposing existing plastics and diverting them from our oceans.”

Yoga Design Lab’s signature Combo mats utilize biodegradable tree rubber and microfibers derived from recycled water bottles, aiming to mitigate the eight million annual tons of plastic entering oceans. These mats are printed with water-based inks and feature a range of geometric, floral, and kaleidoscopic designs.

Beyond their eco-friendliness, Yoga Design Lab mats offer enhanced functionality. They provide extra cushioning for support and injury prevention, and their grip increases with perspiration. Additionally, they are fully recyclable, and the company contributes $1 to urban youth yoga programs for each purchase.

Yoga Design Lab’s mats, towels, hand towels, and yoga straps are available through studios, stores in Australia, and the company’s online store.

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