Yoga on the Farm: Three Sisters’ Inaugural Fall Event

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Amidst a vibrant tapestry of wildflowers and thriving crops, approximately 50 individuals assembled at Three Sisters Gardens’ inaugural “Yoga on the Farm” event to herald the advent of autumn.

Event Details

The hour-long session, held from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., took place at the non-profit organization’s River City Farm, one of four agricultural plots managed by the organization. Located at 485 Regatta Lane in West Sacramento, River City Farm serves as a tribute to Tom Villegas, a former board member who played an instrumental role in the organization’s legacy.

Founder’s Address

Prior to the commencement of the event, Alfred Melbourne, founder of Three Sisters Gardens, expressed his gratitude to the collective efforts of past ancestors. “This is what we call River City Farm… in honor of our elder Tom Villegas who was one of our original board members who’s no longer with us,” Melbourne shared. “It’s imperative to acknowledge our ancestors and our relations even though they’re not present.”

Class Structure

Certified yoga instructor Monica Cortez guided participants through a 45-minute slow-flow yoga practice. The session emphasized connecting with the season’s energy and fostering a sense of gratitude through reflection on personal blessings.

Instructor’s Perspective

Monica Cortez, who generously volunteers her time to the organization, expressed her enthusiasm for leading the inaugural yoga event. She shared, “I’ve also been teaching it for their youth leadership program that they did over the summer, but this is the first one that is a full yoga event… It’s exciting to see the community come together and really want something like this.”

Organization’s Vision

Kris Burce, events coordinator for the organization, emphasized the multifaceted nature of Three Sisters Gardens. “We’re more than just an urban farm and we do more than just grow food,” she stated. “We’re all around, not just through nutritious food, but also exercise and taking care of your spiritual health… We’re just trying to have more events to incorporate all-around wellness.”

Growth and Impact

Melbourne attributed the event’s turnout to the unwavering dedication of the organization and its team members. “We started off growing lettuce… but it’s so much more than growing,” he asserted. “It’s about healing, wellness, connecting with the people and sharing food. We’re always trying to share what we’re growing and provide it in a way where people can learn how to prepare the food themselves.”

Call to Action

For further information on Melbourne and Three Sisters Gardens, visit To stay informed of upcoming events, follow their Instagram account @threesistersgardens.

By: Angelica Rodriguez


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