Yoga Retreats: Seek and Discover Your Inner Balance and Harmony

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As yoga’s popularity continues to rise, discerning individuals seek transformative retreats in serene and restorative locales. These sanctuaries offer a harmonious blend of expert guidance, tailored therapies, and exquisite cuisine, providing a conducive environment for profound self-discovery and lasting change in both body and mind.

Reclaim Yourself Retreats


With a discerning eye for exceptional retreats in secluded destinations, Reclaim Yourself Retreats was established in 2009. Now boasting a portfolio of 20 sublime escapes in 15 destinations, the company collaborates with renowned yoga instructors to provide tailored experiences that cater to diverse needs.

Signature Retreats

While schedules may vary, guests can anticipate twice-daily yoga sessions, invigorating outdoor excursions, rejuvenating steam baths, ample time for meditation and reflection, and delectable plant-based cuisine. Specialized programs, such as Adam Husler’s Finland Yoga Adventure, delve into alignment-based vinyasa, balancing flexibility with mental and physical strength.

Pricing and Bookings

The 4-night Finland Yoga Adventure ranges from £1,395.00 to £2,295.00, with retreats starting at £425 for a UK weekend getaway. For more information and to make bookings, visit

Casa Fuzetta: A Haven in the Algarve

Nestled in the picturesque fishing port of Olhao, Portugal, Casa Fuzetta serves as a secluded sanctuary just minutes from Faro airport. Global yoga leaders host annual retreats that encompass yoga in various styles, sound healing, dance, pilates, and meditation. The 12 ensuite double bedrooms exude comfort and tranquility, featuring vintage furnishings, premium linens, and cozy alcoves for gathering.

Fresh market produce is a staple of the culinary experience, expertly prepared to meet guests’ nutritional needs. The exquisite stained-glass meditation sanctuary is an oasis for daily reflection and stillness. Body treatments at the renowned La Eva spa revitalize and rejuvenate. Explore the local markets, embark on waterfront dining experiences, and venture to the pristine beaches of the Ria Formosa islands via water taxi.

The Coach House: A Place of Renewal

Tucked away in the Welsh countryside near Newport, The Coach House is the vision of Olivia Clarke, a dedicated practitioner of Yin Yoga and Buddhist Mindfulness. This intimate retreat offers two stylish and cozy ensuite double bedrooms, encouraging profound relaxation. Start your day with delectable breakfast hampers featuring local delicacies. Some guests choose to self-cater, while others can pre-order home-cooked meals and desserts delivered daily.

Olivia’s expertise shines through in her daily private yin yoga classes. This gentle practice promotes release, recalibration, and renewal. The surrounding environment invites outdoor adventures, forest bathing, and access to exceptional therapies such as Ayurveda, shiatsu massage, and reflexology. Allow Olivia’s kindness and wisdom to guide you towards inner peace and rejuvenation.

Broughton Sanctuary: A Journey of Profound Rest

In the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, Broughton Hall has been a sanctuary for over 900 years. Today, it is home to one of Britain’s most ambitious nature recovery projects and the acclaimed Broughton Sanctuary. The historic main house and cozy country cottages offer a range of accommodations.

Specialized retreats led by renowned experts delve into self-discovery, wellness, and Eastern philosophies. The Profound Rest immersion with yoga-teacher Paris Ackrill and meditation expert Cornelius O’Shaughnessy is a transformative experience. Engage in yin yoga, somatic exploration, sound baths, meditation, wild swimming, and fire ceremonies. Home-grown, plant-forward meals provide nourishment throughout your journey.

Cliffs of Moher: A Connection with Nature and Self

Overlooking the Atlantic coastline, this collection of retreat buildings, gardens, and a yoga studio sits minutes from the UNESCO-protected Cliffs of Moher. Yoga is the heart of the experience, attracting guests from around the world. The serene Release into Joy retreat is especially favored by the local community.

Under the guidance of experienced founder Michelle Moroney and her team, guests find a deep connection to the land and a profound commitment to personal renewal. The 15 cozy bedrooms complement the rugged landscape, while vegetarian meals nurture the body and spirit. Unforgettable hikes, swims, and ice immersions awaken the senses, leading to deep sleep and profound rejuvenation.

Como Shambala Estate: An Idyllic Oasis in Bali

Nestled near Ubud, the serene Como Shambala Estate was once a private retreat before becoming the flagship of Christina Ong’s COMO group. Guided by expert yoga teachers and an Ayurvedic doctor, guests embark on a journey of yoga, meditation, cleansing, and recalibration.

The 30 unique suites offer breathtaking views of distant rice terraces. Ojas Spa is renowned for its exceptional treatments, elevating the estate’s status among discerning travelers. Engage in yoga by the Ayung river, indulge in Ayurvedic and Indonesian massages, and explore the lush jungles and stone temples. Unwind with soothing ginger tea sweetened with local honey, a testament to the estate’s dedication to well-being.

Samahita: Asia’s Premier Yoga Retreat

Established in 2003, Samahita has become a leading yoga destination in Asia. Founded by Paul Dallaghan, a practitioner with extensive experience in yoga, breathwork, and biological anthropology, Samahita’s focus lies in scientific research rather than celebrity endorsements.

This charming retreat on Koh Samui’s southern coast boasts a secluded beachfront and pared-back bedrooms with sea views. While some teacher training programs are intense, Samahita attracts renowned experts, including Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, and yin yoga specialists Sarah and Ty Powers.

The Yoga Core Cycle program is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, offering a balanced blend of daily exercise, meditation, and breathwork. Meals are buffet-style, featuring fresh seafood, vegetarian dishes, and a detox corner with bone broths, salads, and raw dips. Immerse yourself in Dallaghan’s vast knowledge and guidance, igniting your journey towards self-fulfillment.

Ananda in the Himalayas: A Spiritual Sanctuary

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda combines yoga with the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. This serene retreat is a former maharaja’s palace surrounded by a vast sal forest. As a respected authority on yoga and Ayurveda, Ananda offers a range of transformative programs.

The Ananda Yogic Detox program employs traditional techniques to release tension and enhance vitality. Early morning yoga classes are conducted in silence, with poses held for extended periods, fostering stillness and introspection. Experienced practitioners and beginners alike can benefit from the holistic approach offered at Ananda.

Ulpotha: A Sustainable Oasis in Sri Lanka

Located on a working organic farm, Ulpotha is an oasis of tranquility far removed from modern life. Guests integrate with the local community in this collaborative village. Dr. Srilal, the Ayurvedic physician, tailors personalized detoxification programs for each individual.

World-renowned yoga teachers are drawn to Ulpotha’s unique blend of nature, fresh vegetarian cuisine, and authentic Ayurvedic lifestyle. Accommodation in mud-style huts amidst lush paddy fields provides an immersive experience.

Embrace the slower pace of life, connect with your inner self, and find renewal through yoga, singing bowls, lake swimming, and simple living. This wifi-free zone is not for everyone, but those seeking peace and spiritual growth will find solace in Ulpotha.

The Polizzi Collection Retreats: A Stylish Escape

The stylish trio of Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall, The Endsleigh in Devon, and The Star in East Sussex offer exceptional wellness retreats. Expert yoga teachers Zephyr Wildman, Gianna Hewlett, and Charlie Polizzi guide guests through daily yoga, meditation, and conscious breathwork practices.

Nestled in nature, these retreats provide opportunities for coastal walks, cozy fireside chats, and delicious seasonal cuisine. The atmosphere is intimate and nourishing, allowing guests to deepen their connection to their inner selves while immersing themselves in the beauty of the surroundings.

Ayurma: A Journey of Well-being in the Maldives

Ayurma, nestled on the Baa Atoll, is a sanctuary dedicated to Ayurvedic healing and well-being. Led by Dr. Arun Tomson and his team, guests engage in Ayurvedic consultations, personalized yoga prescriptions, and stress-relieving massages.

Yoga classes are tailored to diverse needs, including live-stream Yoga-at-Home sessions. Walking along the soft sandy pathway, surrounded by Tibetan prayer flags and the calming “Om” emanating from hidden speakers, instantly recalibrates the body and mind.

Explore the island’s beauty, witness manta safaris, and engage in water sports. The Rahumathuge Vaguthu evening ritual celebrates the Earth’s gifts, fostering gratitude and hope for a brighter future.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat: A Traditional Haven in India

Nestled amidst 25 acres of lush gardens, Shreyas Yoga Retreat is renowned for its traditional yoga practices. The schedule begins with

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