Yoga Space: A Decade of Community and Wellness in Hyattsville

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The Genesis of a Dream

By Dr. Emily Carter

Upon relocating to Hyattsville in 1976, the community’s strong sense of unity drew the author and her spouse to the area. Inspired by the potential of yoga to enhance community well-being, the author embarked on a journey to establish a welcoming and inclusive studio in 1996.

Laying the Foundation

Despite initial challenges in securing a suitable location, the City of Hyattsville provided a temporary space in the Municipal Building, enabling the author to establish a loyal following. The classes served as a catalyst for the realization of a dedicated yoga studio.

Finding the Perfect Home

In 2004, serendipitously, the author discovered a space available for rent within the Independent Order of Odd Fellows building, which had been a community landmark since 1896. Its spaciousness and historic ambiance proved to be perfectly suited for Yoga Space.

Community at the Core

Over the past decade, Yoga Space has become more than just a fitness studio; it has transformed into a hub for community engagement and support. The diverse group of instructors fosters an environment where all are welcome, regardless of their yoga experience.

Yoga Space has provided solace and healing for individuals navigating challenging life circumstances, including cancer, grief, physical ailments, and even hearing impairments. The studio’s inclusivity has created a space where individuals can embrace themselves fully.

A Thriving Future

As Hyattsville continues to grow and develop, Yoga Space remains anchored within the community. The influx of young families bodes well for the studio’s future prospects. Notably, the spirit of unity and neighborliness that initially drew the author to Hyattsville endures, shaping the vibrant tapestry of the community to this day.


Yoga Space’s ten-year journey has been a testament to the transformative power of community and the profound impact of yoga on individual well-being. As the studio enters its second decade, it stands as a beacon of inclusivity, support, and continued growth for the Hyattsville community.

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