Yoga Takes Root at High Point Regional High School

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Amidst the stresses of high school life, a unique initiative has emerged at High Point Regional High School. Under the guidance of art teacher Erin Meyers, a yoga program was established, offering students and staff a haven for balance, mindfulness, and physical wellbeing.

Inspired by her own transformative experiences with yoga, Meyers envisioned a space where the principles of this ancient practice could extend its benefits to the school community. Since its inception two months ago, the program has garnered widespread acclaim from participants and administrators alike.

Reclaiming Well-being

Yoga’s holistic approach encompasses physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. Participants in the program attest to its myriad benefits.

  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Improved flexibility and muscular endurance
  • Reduced stress and heightened relaxation
  • Cultivation of present-mindedness and mindfulness
  • Fostering a sense of community and connectedness

Roots in Ancient Traditions

Yoga traces its origins to the Sanskrit word meaning “union” or “to join.” It encompasses various disciplines, including meditation, breathing exercises, and physical postures.

The foundations of yoga are outlined in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, a seminal text written around 1,800 years ago. Its principles emphasize self-discipline, ethical conduct, and a deep understanding of the mind and body.

Program Details

Meyers’ yoga sessions are held weekly, open to all students and faculty on a voluntary basis. Participants receive instruction in anatomy, physiology, and yoga philosophy.

The sessions begin with meditative and breathing exercises, gradually transitioning into the practice of various yoga postures. The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and mindfulness, with soft music and candlelight.

Voices of Participants

Yoga has become an integral part of my week. It helps me cope with the stresses of my schedule, leaving me with renewed energy and a sense of calm. – Dori Martin, Music Teacher

I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga at school. It’s an oasis where I can unwind and connect with myself. – Karen VanderGroef, Guidance Counselor

Yoga has taught me invaluable stress-reduction techniques that I’ll carry with me long after high school. – Lydia Dobkowski, Class of 2023

Award Nomination

In recognition of her dedication and impact, Erin Meyers has been nominated by the school administration for Princeton University’s Distinguished Secondary School Teaching Award.

Written by: Sarah Thompson

Credit and rights: OMG I Yoga

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