Yoga Therapy: A Viable Option for Managing Anxiety and Stress

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Yoga, an ancient practice encompassing both physical and mental disciplines, has garnered significant attention for its potential therapeutic benefits, particularly in addressing anxiety and stress. A recent study conducted by Dr. Lindsey B. Hopkins DeBoer and colleagues has provided compelling evidence supporting yoga’s effectiveness in mitigating these conditions.

Research Findings

Dr. DeBoer’s study recruited 52 women aged 25 to 45 experiencing mild anxiety and moderate depression. The participants were randomly assigned to either a Bikram yoga intervention group or a wait-list control group. The Bikram yoga intervention consisted of two 90-minute classes per week.

Results revealed significant decreases in anxiety (P=0.001), stress (P=0.003), and negative affect (P=0.02) among the yoga intervention group compared to the control group. Notably, African American women exhibited slightly greater improvements in stress and depression symptoms following yoga therapy.

Clinical Implications

These findings suggest that yoga therapy holds promise as a valuable treatment option for individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression. Dr. DeBoer advocates for the integration of yoga therapy alongside psychotherapy for a comprehensive approach to managing these conditions in women.

Limitations and Future Directions

While the study provides promising results, certain limitations should be acknowledged. The relatively small sample size and the short-term follow-up period warrant further investigation with larger cohorts and longer-term assessments. Additionally, the impact of yoga on diverse populations and its applicability to individuals with more severe mental health conditions require further exploration.


The study by Dr. DeBoer and colleagues provides robust evidence supporting the efficacy of yoga as an intervention for reducing anxiety, stress, and negative affect in women at risk for mental health problems. Yoga emerges as a potential complementary or alternative treatment option, offering clinicians an additional tool to address the growing prevalence of these conditions. Future research is warranted to further elucidate the long-term benefits and wider applications of yoga therapy.

Author: Dr. Lindsey B. Hopkins DeBoer, San Francisco VA Medical Center

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