Yoga Twist Routine for Beginners

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Yoga twists, or rotations, are popular moves that target the back, chest, shoulders, and hips. This article presents a yoga twist routine suitable for beginners, led by yoga instructor Rita Murjani.

The routine includes common twist poses such as the half twist, low-lunge twist, twisted down dog, revolved side angle, and Bharadvaja’s twist II. It also incorporates foundational poses like supine pigeon, crescent lunge, forward fold, chair pose, and child’s pose, which work on hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors.

Benefits of Yoga Twists

Yoga twists offer several benefits:

  • Increased range of motion in the lower and upper back, hips, and shoulders
  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced stress and tension

Modifications and Accessibility

Murjani provides modifications throughout the 40-minute flow to accommodate different fitness levels. Yoga blocks can be used to reduce range of motion, making poses more accessible.


This yoga twist routine is an excellent introduction to rotational yoga poses for beginners. By incorporating twists alongside foundational poses, the routine offers a comprehensive workout that targets multiple muscle groups while promoting flexibility and relaxation.

About the Expert

Rita Murjani is a yoga instructor with a wealth of experience. She is the chief of staff at mindful living brand Aduri and teaches at NYC-based studios SkyTing and Equinox.

Credit and rights belong to OMG I Yoga
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