YogaSix Carmel: Modernizing an Ancient Practice

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A Contemporary Twist on Yoga

Yoga, a practice dating back millennia, has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent times. With an estimated 300 million practitioners worldwide,
yoga has become a global phenomenon. YogaSix, a franchise established in 2012, epitomizes the evolution of yoga in the 21st century.

Acquired by Xponential Fitness, YogaSix brings a modernized approach to yoga, offering a streamlined and inclusive experience. With over 40 open
studios nationwide, YogaSix aims to dispel misconceptions surrounding yoga and make it accessible to all.

Origins of YogaSix Carmel

Driven by a passion for fitness and yoga, Abby Nebughr, a former pharmacist, embarked on a journey to establish a yoga studio in Carmel. Nebughr’s
personal experiences and the desire to make a positive impact on others motivated her to embrace YogaSix’s innovative approach.

Located at 11503 Spring Mill Road, YogaSix Carmel opened its doors in 2022, becoming one of the first 20 studios to open nationwide. The studio’s
cohesive methodology and welcoming environment foster a sense of community and encouragement.

Distinguishing Features of YogaSix

YogaSix’s unique identity stems from its six distinct formats of heated yoga classes. Tailored for diverse experience levels and
individual needs, these classes offer a comprehensive approach to yoga. The use of familiar language and a focus on proper alignment
make the practice accessible to all.

Ramer, a leading instructor with a PhD in Recreational Leisure and Wellness Studies, emphasizes the studio’s mission to dispel the
“fringe woo-woo” perception often associated with yoga. She highlights the tangible physical and emotional benefits, dispelling common

Six Yoga Class Formats

YogaSix’s six class formats cater to a range of preferences and intensity levels:

  • Y6 101: Designed for beginners or those seeking a gradual reintroduction to yoga, these classes focus on building strength, flexibility, and stamina.
  • Y6 Slow Flow: Conducted at a slower pace, these classes allow for thorough exploration of postures and transitions, enhancing confidence and alignment.
  • Y6 Restore: Emphasizing floor postures, these classes aim to stretch, open, and release major muscle groups, promoting recovery and relaxation.
  • Y6 Hot: Conducted in heated rooms, these classes incorporate yoga postures, breathing exercises, and core work to energize and detoxify.
  • Y6 Power: Designed to challenge and build endurance, these heated classes combine strength-building exercises with vinyasa flow.
  • Y6 Sculpt & Flow: A fusion of yoga and weight training, these classes utilize dumbbells and body weight exercises to enhance strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Health and Safety

YogaSix Carmel adheres to strict safety guidelines, including limited class capacity, antiviral spraying after each session, and continuous air purification. These measures ensure a clean and safe environment for practitioners.

Benefits and Membership

YogaSix membership offers a host of advantages:

  • No contracts or commitments
  • Access to all YogaSix locations nationwide
  • A team of certified instructors and wellness advisors
  • A comprehensive range of on-site amenities

Member RJ attests to the benefits of YogaSix membership, citing improved mobility and recovery from various physical activities. Additionally, the
studio’s positive environment and high-quality instruction enhance his overall well-being.

Future Growth

YogaSix Carmel has plans for expansion, with new locations opening in downtown Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. These additional studios will further
extend the reach of the YogaSix brand and its mission of making yoga accessible and beneficial to all.

Call to Action

For more information or to schedule a class, visit the YogaSix Carmel studio at 11503 Spring Mill Road, Suite 700, Carmel, IN 46032 or access
their website at

Take advantage of the exclusive introductory offer: a full week of unlimited classes for only $20.

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