Young Entrepreneur Embarks on Sustainable Fashion Journey

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Stepping into the Spotlight: Nika Katerynchuk’s Transformative Journey

From Modeling to Meaningful Impact

Nika Katerynchuk, a 22-year-old Ukrainian living in China, has traversed an inspiring path from modeling to entrepreneurship. After years of experiencing the highs and lows of the fashion industry, she embarked on a quest for genuine purpose.

Through yoga, Nika discovered her “true self” and confronted the emptiness she felt despite her accomplishments as a model. Driven by a desire to contribute something meaningful, she recognized the environmental impact of fast fashion and made a transformative decision.

nudepeche: A Sustainable Choice

Inspired by the lack of sustainable yoga wear options in China, Nika launched nudepeche, a lifestyle activewear brand rooted in sustainability. Her mission is to create a community that prioritizes wellness, embracing beauty beyond appearances.

nudepeche’s clothing is crafted from recycled plastic bottles, diverting thousands from landfills. The high-quality recycled polyester ensures comfort and durability, while promoting responsible consumption.

A Catalyst for Change

Nika emphasizes that nudepeche is not merely a fashion brand but a platform for change. She aims to inspire individuals to adopt sustainable habits and recognize their unique beauty.

The brand’s “less is more” philosophy guides its designs, prioritizing comfort and versatility for diverse body types. Nika shares, “I don’t see myself as a designer, but as a catalyst to change.”

Empowering Through Sustainability

Nika acknowledges the challenges and rewards of starting her own business in China. From navigating cultural differences to advocating for sustainable practices, she believes that the most fulfilling aspect is witnessing the positive impact her brand makes.

She encourages consumers to participate in nudepeche’s recycle program, ensuring the ethical disposal of garments once they reach the end of their lifespan. Nika’s vision extends beyond profit, emphasizing the transformative power of ethical and sustainable business.


Nika Katerynchuk’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of purpose and the pursuit of sustainability. Through nudepeche, she has created a platform that empowers individuals to make a positive impact on their bodies, the planet, and the fashion industry.

Her commitment to ethical consumption, body positivity, and community engagement serves as an inspiration to all who seek to lead meaningful and sustainable lives.

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