Zambhala: India’s Inaugural Yoga, Music, and Life Spirit Festival

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Zambhala, India’s first yoga, music, and life spirit festival, will debut on December 21st and 22nd in Goa. This annual event unites the foremost yoga experts, spiritual teachers, practitioners, and healers from India and abroad.

A Harmonious Convergence

Zambhala blends live entertainment, spirituality, music, and dance in an immersive experience. This inaugural edition showcases renowned yoga teachers from esteemed institutions like the BKS Iyengar Yoga School and the Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

Yoga Asanas and Beyond

Attendees can rejuvenate in Hatha Yoga classes or engage in Yoga Nidra sessions from the Bihar School of Yoga. International practitioners include Jehangir Palkhivala, Deepika Mehta, Eoin Finn, Janet Stone, and Duncan Wong, who has guided renowned figures like Madonna and Sting.

Embracing Holistic Practices

Beyond yoga, Zambhala offers workshops on meditation, chanting, group channeling, and astro-gazing. Participants can engage in group activities or one-on-one sessions with healers and practitioners.

Inspiration and Insight

Martin Da’Costa, CEO of Seventy Event Media Group, envisions Zambhala as a catalyst for personal growth. He states, “Zambhala is the culmination of a shared aspiration for self-development. It unites experts in yoga, spirituality, and the arts to create India’s largest gathering of its kind.”

An Enriching Journey

Zambhala welcomes a diverse lineup of Indian and international speakers, artists, authors, performers, and experts in nutrition and fitness. The festival also features a Shaolin monk to enhance the holistic experience.

Music and Expression

While honoring the essence of a yoga and life spirit festival, Zambhala incorporates musical performances that commence in the afternoon and extend into the night. Celebratory dance and music create a vibrant ambiance of artistic expression.

Notable Presenters

Among the over 70 speakers and teachers attending Zambhala are renowned individuals such as:

– Irma Battig, Craniosacral Therapist and Wellness Consultant
– Shifu Shi Yan Fang and Shifu Kanishka Sharma, Shaolin Monks
– Anahata Menon, Shamanic Healer, Anahata Foundation
– Sohrab Ardeshir, Mediumship
– Amish Tripathi, Author, The Shiva Trilogy
– Zia Nath, Sufi Whirler
– Pooja and Aparna Bangia, Psychic Artists
– Abhishek Singh, Mythology Painter


Zambhala emerges as an unparalleled gathering that celebrates yoga, music, and the transformative power of a life spirit festival. It is poised to become India’s foremost platform for personal growth, spiritual exploration, and artistic expression.

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