Exercise Habits of Elderly Population in Kochi

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Exercise Habits of Elderly Population in Kochi


A recent survey conducted by the women and child development department revealed that only 29% of senior citizens in Kochi district engage in regular exercise. The study, which covered 3.41 lakh elderly individuals, also found that 38% of respondents do not exercise at all, while 32% exercise occasionally.

Survey Results

Exercise Frequency Percentage of Respondents
Regularly 29%
Occasionally 32%
Never 38%

The survey aims to provide healthcare support to those in need. One of the questions included in the questionnaire asked respondents whether they were aware of COVID-19 and the necessary precautions. A total of 3,37,552 respondents indicated that they have knowledge of the virus and its preventive measures, while only 3,582 replied negatively.

Health Consequences of Inactivity

Health officials emphasize the detrimental consequences of insufficient exercise, particularly among the elderly. Lack of physical activity can lead to various health issues, including obesity, chronic diseases, hypertension, diabetes, muscle weakness, sleep apnoea, arthritis, and thyroid problems.

“Lack of exercise will lead to obesity, lifestyle diseases, hypertension, diabetes, muscle weakness, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), arthritis, hypothyroidism and other health issues. Once there is reduction on mobility, one will develop osteoarthritis. It is commonly seen in women after menopause. In some cases, I have seen women being brought to the hospital lifted by others due to osteoarthritis. The health issues will lead to depression in some people. Everybody should exercise from childhood itself and follow healthy lifestyle, ‘ says Dr Shyamala Menon, department of internal medicine, Medical Trust hospital.”

Fitness professionals suggest simple exercises and yoga postures as suitable forms of physical activity for beginners. Walking is a beneficial full-body exercise that can be performed for a short duration, such as one minute, to improve circulation. Yoga offers various postures tailored to specific health conditions. Consulting a yoga instructor is advised for personalized guidance.

“On the spot walking is good since it is a full body exercise. Doing it for one minute is enough to improve blood circulation. There are also several simple postures in yoga that one can choose depending on the health condition. It would be good to seek advice of a yoga instructor. One has to do yoga for one hour daily and finish it with Savasanam, to get complete effect of the practice. After this, one should meditate for 20 minutes, for which one can use any medium — a picture or song — to concentrate, ” says V G Jaigi, a yoga master based in Kochi.

Online Fitness Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the emergence of online fitness classes. Yoga instructor Liji Ebraham has started offering virtual sessions with participants from various parts of the world. She believes that online classes provide convenience for both instructors and participants.


The survey findings highlight the need for increased awareness and encouragement of regular exercise among the elderly population in Kochi. Simple exercises and yoga practices can significantly improve health outcomes and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

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